Dessislava Vaughan
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About the artist


To me, jewelry design is vocation and passion, a sanctuary and therapy better than any other. Challenging and rewarding, it is gymnastics for the mind and pleasure for the soul. It nourishes my expressive cravings. My day simply feels incomplete if I haven’t done any beading at all.

I search for the uncommon, unique and unusual, always looking for elegance with attention to detail. I feel most rewarded when my pieces give aesthetic pleasure, evoke surprise or even provoke. Whether I create a beadwork design, employ bead embroidery or experiment with silver wire, I strive for balance and proportion, even with the asymmetric pieces.

I most enjoy working with Swarovski crystals, organic pearls, semi-precious stones, seed and fire-polished beads. Sometimes I incorporate materials like genuine fossils, shells, wood and metal.

I take pleasure in writing fictional and non-fictional work and literally ”see” characters, places and events as if they were happening before my eyes. Similarly, I’ve already ”seen” my jewelry design as a finished product when it is only a few colorful beads, stones or crystals that have attracted my attention. In fact, my writing and beading lead a parallel life. Often my beadwork is the material projection of a chapter I have been working on. Other times just a feeling, emotional piece of music or a beautiful site opens a myriad of beading possibilities. I have deep respect for other cultures, their customs, tradition, mythology, folklore and history and occasionally incorporate ethnic elements in my beading. Furthermore, looking at other beadwork artists’ designs is always a pleasure and a stimulus. It is inspiring to see what others have created and how limitless human imagination can be. This challenges you to dig even further into your own resourcefulness and to stay on the crest of the wave.


My education has always been closely associated with arts or with subjects that somehow have worked hand in hand with my artistic expressions. I have a Master’s degree in English Philology, majoring in American and British literature and culture, a BA in Music, majoring in Piano Performance, a BS in Economics, majoring in Tourism, and a qualification in Pedagogy (an art on its own). Most of my adult life I’ve traveled extensively over the world as a pianist and vocalist, being a solo performer of classical music, as well as a member of various classical orchestras and popular/jazz bands. I love to think of myself as a ”working tourist,” fortunate to have seen wonderful, exotic and remote places – the pyramids of Giza, the Suez canal, the Holy Land of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the beautiful beaches of Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, Turkey, Dubai and Montenegro, the exceptional landmarks of Rome, the monuments of Macedonia, the modern marvels of Germany, the mighty Alps in Switzerland, the historic and cultural heritage of my home country, Bulgaria and in more recent years, the greatness and diversity of my second home country, the United States. Each place, with its uniqueness, has inscribed its own mark in my perception of the world, vividly influencing my imagination and creativity. On a certain level my jewelry carries the flavor, the soul of those places. My traveling experience, the interaction with various peoples and cultures, my growing up in an artistic atmosphere, has helped me to see the world through imaginative, adventurer’s eyes.


I never cease experimenting and following my artistic impulse. In all my creative endeavors I remember to stay truthful to myself and always have fun, even with the seemingly impossible projects!

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